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Indoor and Greenhouse growing. And lots of love.


High CBD. Low THC. 

The best Swiss CBD products available. 


No compromise

Simply the best available CBD in Switzerland.

Made with passion

Our breeders and growers follow the same love for high quality products. We share very stricts production standards. The passion for true and authentic products.

Greenhouse CBD

Solutions for UE

We have a wide range of products for EU. Contact us to know more about them.

about us


Our vision

Blossom is a different kind of legal CBD business. We aim to bring a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle, combining organic products, superfood, and legal cannabis. 


Our story

Everything started with 4 good friends, passionate about life and all coming from various industries (hospitality management, marketing, law). All aged between 30 to 40, they have decided to combine their skills and experience to create Blossom.

Now, we form a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced entrepreneurs. Together, we have decided to offer the highest quality of CBD (the legal cannabis) because we truly believe that it is an amazing plant that could benefit a lot of people if treated with love, care, and respect.

Today, the market is full of poor products, Blossom will always remain very strict and will never make any compromise on the quality of its components.


Our mission

We want to change the way our customers think about CBD and the world as a whole. Our values are simple. Respect the land and the amazing products that it produces. No contaminants, no unnecessary costs, no overpriced storefront. We bring the best of the farms to our customers' doors.

We are committed to being a support for the awakening, transformation and evolution of the human individual, our society and the global community.

All our products are pesticide free, chemical free, with natural based nutrients, and are hand watered and hand trimmed. 

Business en Europe

La législation suisse autorise la consommation de cannabis dont la teneur en tétrahydrocannabinol est inférieure à 1%.

Au regard de la législation très disparate en la matière tant au niveau européen qu’au niveau mondial, nous vous invitons préalablement à l’acquisition des produits Blossom à vérifier la législation en vigueur dans votre pays et de vous y conformer.

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